Thursday, January 21, 2010

The larger picture - good or bad?

This place is dead. Just like the mind that used to leave it's prints in this little corner.

It's ironic how being part of (working) life naturally excludes one from taking part in what one might see as the essence of living. This definitely isn't a life I'd want to lead, but in a world of efficiency and pragmatism, do such views even matter? Is it more important to add value to the rest of society by being a cog in machinery of the "living" world, even if it results the dismissal of cries from within, urging one to stop and reflect?

It seems like the "living" world comprises of mindless individuals, just like how individuals comprise of mindless cells, each struggling in a system, each with a given role with no room for negotiations, all in an attempt to stay alive for just another day. To be fed, to be homed, to be part of a 'larger good' that one alone can never envision or value.

The only difference between the individual and a cell? A brain.

Then again, cells that try to be funny end up labelled as cancerous, and they get removed from the system.