Monday, December 31, 2007

Home on the last day.

It's the last day of 2007 and I just got home today. What a heck of a trip to KL this time. Shopping, eating, shopping, eating, and a whole lot of fun.

Anyways, plenty of photos, and those would definitely take some time. A few cameras worth of photos to look through. And I guess I could get started on the photo-journal soon. Everything was really great, and I do look forward to travelling with everyone again, hopefully Australia next year.

But. I had to lose my wallet. Yes, I lost it on the last day, and I believe before I got on the bus back to Singapore. What a loser, what a waste. Thankfully I didn't lose too much money, but the cards inside are of some concern. Got to go settle alot of stuff once New Year's Day passes.

I hate that feeling. It totally sucks.

That aside, I need alot of rest. Been sick during the last few days of the trip. Off to shower and rest now.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The trip so far.

It's been a heck of a trip so far. I had to start of with almost leaving my luggage behind. Heck.

Anyways, everything's good. Hotel's fine, food's definitely good and it's really fun. Well, thankfully they have an internet area over here as well.

Dinner tomorrow on the top of the KL tower, should be great. More photos.

Shall sign off now, nothing much to blog about here. Maybe some other time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Love, Santa.

Merry X'mas to all you Earthlings. I hope that you have recieved more than enough presents. Sorry if some of them came late, because some of my reindeers went on strike after learning that they are not paid as much as taxi-drivers in Singapore.

Also, the recent rise in oil prices have led to a fall in number of people using electric heaters, so the chimneys have proven to be another tough hurdle to pass (especially considering I usually choke the chimneys given the size of my rear).

Whatever the case, I am glad that everyone has enjoyed their holidays, and I hope that all you Earthlings have a Happy New Year ahead. 2008 should be more exciting. I heard they are going to ban the lighting of fireplaces the next Christmas due to some changes in the Kyoto Protocol, forbidding the use of fuels that give off carbon, since it ends up staining my clothes, forcing me to use more detergent to clean my pants. Also, there are rumours the reindeer union will fight for higher wages to match with the recent rise in inflation. It is a shame that George Bush will carry on with his sooting practices, so I will be forced to not deliver his presents next year. Bad boy.

Sadly, you might not have your gift delivered by me next year, because the anti-trust people are angry that I'm they only one sending gifts and that I run a monopoly. Now now, what are these people thinking. They want competition. So I will have to cut some fats and be more efficient. So while I wait for my task again next year, I shall hit the threadmills and do what I ought to.

Shucks! My greeting has become a forum-style rant that resembles those written by disgruntled Earthlings on their local Newspapers! Cut the rubbish, and let's get back to the well wishes!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm sorry.

I admit it was my fault. I thought it was okay to go a little faster and further ahead. And by the time I realised, it was a little late. Turning back didn't help much.

Gosh, I really feel bad about what happened. I guess I should not have let my guard down just like that. At least even if anything happened, I would be able to react, and not be oblivious to it till later.

Anyways, get well soon and I'll probably get to see you only after I return. In the meanwhile, take care and rest well.

Hectic hectic.

Merry Christmas to everyone. I got too lazy to write cards and send out smses, so yes. To those who happen to drop by, may you have a wonderful new year ahead, and I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas this year.

It has been a really hectic week or so. Touching down, driving up, driving back down, in and out, and getting on the bus again tomorrow. I have packed and unpacked my bag more times this week then I packed my room the entire year.

Didn't get to take photos this time round, but I guess this coming trip up would be better. I'll probably bring the camera.

I still have yet to catch up with quite a number of people. And I still have the entire season 1 of Heroes to watch.

I need a break from all these holidays! No, I'm not complaining.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Stocks or bonds?

Choose. A bond that perpetually pays 1%, or a stock that yields 12% and has the possibilty of capital appreciation.

Given no extra information about both, I guess it's almost impossible to decide. There really isn't much of a choice, just an investment made on gut feelings, or what I'd call a gamble.

A possibility of appreciation also means a possible crash in value and eventual liquidation. You gain sone, you lost more than you invest. And recovery is never easy.

Maybe it's true that you just should not put a future at stake just for a (statistically proven) short span of happiness. I need just a little bit more time to totally digest the fact that I cannot put a friendship on the line. Not this at least.

Afterall, if the market eventually goes well, the indefinite bonds can be sold to buy a sure-win stock.

Music: All Wrapped Up - Vocaluptuous

Album : All Wrapped Up
Group : Vocaluptuous

It's the Christmas season and there is no way you can miss out on this album by Vocaluptuous, a Singaporean a capella group. Familiar titles with not-so-familiar arrangements that is definitely worth some space in your playlist. 'Must Listen' songs include the brilliantly arranged 'Do You Hear What I Hear'; their rather reggae-ish 'Silent Night'; a heart-breaking 'Last Christmas'; not forgetting a slightly different all-time-favourite, 'O Holy Night'.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hitler gets ODEXed.

It's been awhile since I posted a video here. Came across this while randomly reading some blogs. Great parody there.

"How dare they fine me 5000 Euros."

Something in the air.

I think there is something about the air in Singapore in late December. It's really like the smell of Christmas or something. I mean, even though I haven't been home for most of the month of Dec (I only slept in my bed twice this month), I get this very familiar feeling - something from the years before. Maybe it's just the cool weather.

Honestly, it's not as if this feeling's anything really good. It comes to me like a big mixture of emotions, but nothing cheery at all. I mean, it's the holiday season and everyone's out having fun, but somehow this weird cocktail of emotions brings no high to me or whatsoever. Instead, guilt, regret, I don't know what else, seems to be lingering in the air around me. It's a little suffocating actually. Not that I can actually figure out why I'm feeling so - especially the guilt and regret part. I just feel so. It's like, weird.

I want to sit around, feel free, let everything off my mind, and space out. I want to be able to talk to someone about everything I want to freely. No, I do not need a listening ear, it's more than that I need.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I hate my (lack of ) guts as much as I hate the kevlar around me that saves.

You can't die from cowardice and yet you can do nothing with it.

You're stuck, Adrian. Stuck in the same spot, like in a puzzle game, with no exit button, no reset button. The only way out is to solve it - find your guts.


It's been a long 3 weeks. I'm finally home.

Any wait, I'm leaving again tonight, this time for Malaysia till the 22nd. And yes, this IS a holiday. With my family of course. And I'll be back till the 26th before moving off to the same place, but with the group instead (somehow using b'gasm really sounds weird now.)

Anyways, I don't quite see a need to do any reflection on my last trip. Not here at least, but I'm sure I have done quite a substantial amount of thinking on my part, about myself, my life, and what is happening around me.

And thank you very much, for thoe words, for the effort put in, and I once again apologise to you for any distress or discomfort caused by my actions, or rather, the lack of it. At least things seem to be back to normal.

I did my share of reading, and yes, I finished my last two books in the last 6 days. Will share the books a little later, possibly after returning from my trip. Alot of unpacking-cum-packing to do now, and alot of catching-up to do too. And all I can see and keep telling myself now is "There isn't much time left."

I need to catch up with myself now. Not the inner one I managed to speak to during the entire 3 weeks, but the one I left in Singapore - the troublesome one with his group of friends and alot of issues to settle - like study, work, etc.

Time to go. I'll post again soon, hopefully. Please don't tell me they do not provide internet services in the hotel I'll be checking into somewhere tomorrow. I'll try to get photos.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas.

I'll be home for Christmas...

It actually seems just like yesterday since I came over here. Not that I relish the time spent here or anything, but it's true that time did fly - ironically despite my incessant whining about how shit boring it is over here.

These few days have been rather the same. Mostly spent in the 'internet cafe' here. Well, when you have nothing to do and quite some money left to spend, why not? So everyone here ended up playing DOTA/CS/C&C3, whatever. All that matters is time needs to fly when you're over here.

Tomorrow shall be my third Friday here - and thankfully, the last. Now now, Tuesday dosn't seem exactly very far away. Looking forward makes things seem so much easier and enjoyable. Next thing to look to, Christmas.

Suprise suprise!

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 more stary nights.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..

Only when I close my eyes. And oh, I can't wait. At least it seems I might have to spend my Christmas back in Singapore. The tours are all full as of now, so no family trip.

We'll see. I'll wait.

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 nights to a long-awaited good sleep.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Do what you wish to do, expecially when you have the chance to.I'm sure it'll turn out well and you'll do fine.

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 winks to go.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

May the book save me.

It just went one more round, back to the same number, as I lay in bed staring at it's face. And my mind went one full round, back to the same thought - of home.

Damn, time isn't exactly passing as I wish it would. Okay, maybe I should stop whining about how sick I'm feeling about this trip.

I started on another book today and immediately wiped out 2 out of 6 of it's chapters. I had to remind myself of the possible book-drought I'd have to suffer if I were to wipe out my book-supply today. Joseph Stiglitz was dry enough to last me a week and a half, Malcom Gladwell does not seem to last me more than 2 days, and Robert Kiyosaki will probably last me only 4 days. I just hope that my friend managed to help me get another book from the Bangkok bookstore. Richard Robinson to the rescue!

In the meanwhile, MSN shall keep me sane. So can someone please come online and chat with poor Adrian from far-far-away?

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 more to my bolster!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Creeping by.

Another day creeps by. It's a Saturday - and I reckon that is the reason why I cannot seem to find a chat partner on msn. I seriously need to find something productive to do. Well, at least I finished one book. Starting on the next tonight, and probably for the next three or four days. Doubt that book would last long. Then there's the last book to last me till the flight home. Not bad, book rationing.

It's really quiet here tonight. No yelling, no smoking. Those people are out somewhere in the jungles, probably shivering in the cold. Poor things. Being bored here's just a happy problem I guess - nothing beats having nothing to do sometimes.

And oh, I managed to play a game of Starcraft earlier. Yes, it's the late 90's all-time classic. I kind of miss the days where there was a game waiting for me when I got home everyday. Nowadays, I barely play games anymore. Some say it's just a growing-up process, but I'm not quite sure about that. No one decided that there is an age limit for computer or console gaming, maybe's it's just that I have lost a little bit of interest in gaming. It's one of those "there is more to life than a computer screen" things.

Talking about more to life, may I once again remind myself that distractions are disasters in the making. Much like a trap, it needs a victim. Admiring a sports car on the freeway might be a nice thing to do, but just watch out for what's ahead - you don't want to die without knowing what hit you you hit.

Having said that, I still am very much excited. Its a totally fuzzy feeling inside now. Can't wait.

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 more nights! Wait. I overshot. Make that 10. No please.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Exciting exciting.

It's getting out of hand, the feeling inside. The excitement's killing me. Well, not just that, the uncertainty as well I suppose. Being unsure whether or not it'll be on time and whether the outcome's going to be as expected. But anyways, it should be fun. I'm looking forward to it. In any case, I can only wait and see. And in the meanwhile, bear with the itching lips.

Today was a rather long day. Especially with everything going on in my mind - it only makes time move slower. But then again, no complaints. At least I wasn't bored to tears like the past few days.

No plans for tomorrow, the day after, the one after that, and blah blah blah. I have no idea how I am going to spend the next 11 days. Although 3 books does seem enough to keep me busy, I'm about to finish the one I'm currently on, so that leaves two. I should have packed an extra.

Okay, I shall sign off here. To those back home, enjoy yourselves, and do so on my behalf, please. I will be back really soon. Really soon. Really really soon.

I want my cheesecake!

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 more days on a half-rotten sponge of a bed.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

All wrapped up and ready to go.

I went over to see the doctor here this afternoon regarding the ache in my wrist. It seems like we can expect a small crack at some bone in the base of my thumb. Apparently a common bone to fracture when falling on your wrist with the arm out-stretched. Might need some X-ray next week. He wanted to cast my entire wrist area. Thankfully he decided to only bandage it. But I guess he got a little too enthusiastic about wrapping it up though, it's really suffocating.

The days here are really long and draggy. It's been a week here, and I still have more than a week to go. Time's crawling really slowly.

I hope it isn't a severe crack. Even then, like the doctor said, it's been two weeks and it'll probably be healing by now. So I'll probably bear with the tight bandage for a couple of days. Or maybe I should just remove it myself tomorrow.

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 more blinks. Well, really long ones.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Time to think.

This trip has given me plenty of time. More than I asked for. And my mind's been running in circles. Trying to find some form of progress, but I guess all I have found was something left in the past. Something I overlooked.

Distractions can be really scary. They throw you really far off, and by the time you find out you've been off, you're probably too far off. At least in this case I believe I can backtrack, but it's going to be something I need to really think about before turning back. Not that the other path's bound to work, but it might be something I want.

To live life without regrets. Tough job.

In search for the inner.

The hands move, around the singular point. Slowly, as if dragging the past along. Perhaps he did - on him a load so heavy. And as they move, the weight increases. And the wrench tightens. On the heart, on the mind, on the soul. A pain he can only appreciate in silence. Appreciate, yes. The hideout no longer one, filled with his fear in the heart. And he stands out in the cold, nowhere to hide away. What next. As the load grows heavier and the hands tick by, slowly. To let it all go and face it as it is? Or to cower away in fear, in search for yet another hideout. More to house then just the body. Along with it the pain, the anguish. It won't last - it just turns into regret one day. And regret, that one thing, will stay forever.

And ever.

Music: Rhythms Del Mundo: Cuba - Various Artists

Album : Rhythms Del Mundo: Cuba
Group : Various Artists

I thought it was a coincidence that I heard some latin percussion overlapping Maroon 5's 'She Will Be Loved'. When I found out it wasn't a coincidence, I fell straight in love with it. Lifting the CD to see the tracklist, I just knew I had to buy it. If I had to recommend any songs, it'll simply be all. This album's definitely going to last long on my playlist. Go for 'I Still Haven't Found...' and 'Clocks' for something refreshing. Wait, just listen to all of them. No regrets, I promise.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Laggy computer.

There is alot more I want to do here other than do write-ups and chat. But the slow internet and slightly cranky keyboard's getting in my way.

Maybe tomorrow then. I'll be uploading another playlist. At least, I hope I can do so with the speed.

Other than that, everything's fine.

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 days away from my bed!

Where is Nuffnang headed towards?

Nuffnang has come quite a long way, and the inevitable question has come - what's next? It would be interesting to know what everyone has in mind regarding where Nuffnang is headed towards, as well as what they might have in mind as improvements for Nuffnang itself as a whole.

Nuffnang started back in (let's leave history to historians, alright?) off as a simple third-party sort of website to help link advertisers to bloggers via their own system. And till now, they have positioned themselves not only as a portal of sorts, but slowly as a growing community of bloggers, mainly from Singapore and Malaysia, and the community itself has been very active of late, particularly with the launch of Innit. Recently, Nuffnang has even headed a charity programme with Nike to help raise funds for the Make A Wish Foundation.

The launch of Innit has, indeed, helped drive traffic to bloggers who list their posts for others to view and comment. Of course, improvements can be made to the current system, as I blogged about previously. And in addition to that, I guess it would be good to have a profile page of sorts for Nuffnang bloggers. These pages could perhaps show some information about the bloggers themselves, as well as show their participation, if any, at Innit or any other of Nuffnang's events. This would help improve Nuffnang by positioning itself as a community in the blogosphere, not just another third-party website.

With the featured blogger segment on Nuffnang, bloggers are given a chance to share more about themselves with the rest of the Nuffnang community. Perhaps this segment could be repearted, but for Innit, by featuring a Innit post every month/week. Selection could be done by any of the Nuffnang staff, not purely by NangIt votes. This would also encourage more bloggers to actively participate, and to do so with a higher standard of posts - yet another step forward for the community as a whole.

A profile page and a featured post segment would definitely be a huge boon to Nuffnang and it's participating bloggers. Hopefully we would see similar programs implemented if possible, and that Nuffnangers would give their full support to help launch Nuffnang into the regional scene as one of the highly respected blogging communities - one thing I would definitely be proud of. Till then, carry on giving your fullest support!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is the digital divide actually widening?

The reins on technology has been cut loose; the constant introduction of 'lastest' technology only serves to widen the digital gap we see in the modern times. As we race towards an even more technologically advanced future, it is inevitable that certain groups or communities would be left behind to trod along the trails of our blazing pursuit. However, this should not serve as a means to judge on the correctness of society or whether or not technology does good or bad to mankind. This should purely be an observation that may at most, warrant an improvement in the diffusion of technology from areas of a 'high-tech' status to those we see as 'backward'.

Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, there has been an immeasurable change in the field of science and technology, culminating in a supposedly unfair distribution of 'high-tech' goods and services all over the world. As we carry on in our quest for more illusive forms of technology (nanotechnology, bioinformatics, nuclear technology, etc. just to name a few) we must constantly remind ourselves that the faster we run towards our goals, the faster people at the back of the group fall off, and more people would end up left behind.

The digital divide is just a small part of the entire technological rift that is constantly widening, with a stronger focus on computerized technology. It is evident that developed nations are very much interconnected with the introduction of the Internet in recent times, and that less developed nations, like those in the African states or Latin America, are facing a problem in getting hooked onto this virtual network.

Primarily, the reason cited for such problems usually include a lack of infrastructure, which also is brought about by a lack of government fundings to built up a decent network size of computers. The next issue we should also focus our attention on is the lack of proper formal education in these regions. The Internet is built upon a community of people who speak mostly English (not forgetting that other languages like French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. do have their own websites), and that people in the lesser developed regions may face problems in understanding these languages if there is a lack of formal education. This again, can be credited to the lack of funding in education. In short, as long as these nations do not make an effort to catch up with those who are working hard to hasten their speed, the divide will only widen in the future.

Let us now look at some information of broadband prices in the world. We shall compare the price per mega bit boardband speed, since it gives us a rough gauge on how digitally advanced a country is by being able to connect to the digital world. South Korea scores highest, with a cost of only USD$0.34. Other countries in the top rankings include Sweden, Japan, France, Italy. Countries like Pakistan, however, do not fare that well, with a cost of $80.43, and Myanmar's score of USD$261.75 serves as more proof of the digital divide. Last of all, Indonesia's score of $2,453.87 only serves to show the extent of the rift in the digital divide - 7217% times that cost.

Following the 'the rich gets richer' principal, the same applies for the digital divide. Those who have access to better technology are always in a better position to more advanced inventions and innovations, and this is why the gap will only widen further.

Fortunately, progress has been made in an attempt to help the lesser developed nations catch up in the digital divide. Second-hand or used computers have been collected in many parts of the world by various charity organizations to be distributed to nations that require them for educational purposes. This would aid in the diffusion of technology to such countries to educate it's people, and hopefully to encourage the governments in providing more funding for research and development, so that these nations, even if left behind before, can start to progress and move forward.

As we start to work towards more advanced technology, the cost of technology would be lower, and this would eventually trickle back down to those who cannot afford current costs of technology. As such, we should not try to impede the development of the digital world in the name of helping the poor, but rather, find alternative sources to help these people.

In summary, the digital divide is one that we can hardly aviod due to financial constraints and due to many other circumstances. However, this does not mean that those in front need to stop to wait. Also, this does not mean we cannot put in effort to help those in need. I believe that with a common goal in mind, and by constantly looking back to see how we can help those who are left behind, even with a digital divide, mankind can make significant progress in the technological fields of tomorrow.

Special thanks to "http://www.muniwireless.com/article/articleview/619 5/1/2" for it's publication on broadband prices per megabit around the world.

(This is an exact copy of an article I wrote in October for another website.)