Saturday, February 27, 2010

Year 3

There is someone singing outside. Sounds more like a dirge. What a morbid welcome back to Melbourne.

So here it is, third year. Final or possibly penultimate year. I'm really hoping that I can stay another year here to further my education, but it will depend on my determination, brains, and also that of the other thousand-odd people out there, some of whom are definitely smarter, and others way hungrier, and some both.

Pretty daunting, but I guess it's all part of my perception of things. I guess as long as I am able to achieve my own work-play balance (ironic how this balance ought to be really unequal), and able to pace myself and keep myself going, everything will be fine. Now I kind of know how it feels like to be threading water with your nose barely above the surface. Pretty tiring but you still got to keep at it.

I'll keep optimistic. I'll stay focused. But I won't sacrifice my life totally.

Play, here I come.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A quick stop for a sip

Sure seems like the obligatory post.

Sure seems like I have not been spending time alone to sit and reflect, or even ponder about anything. All the fleeting thoughts that surface in my mind have merely dissolved into that huge mental mess, with nothing to remind myself of what happened.

Am I being too reliant on technology?