Friday, November 30, 2007

The same thing.

It seemed as if the day flew past rather quickly. Maybe I just found something to do. And yes, at the end of the day, I'm back here again, making use of whatever form of an 'internet connection' they have to make myself feel a wee bit more at home - it seems to bring some relief.

Although I still lament the fact that I am brought here with no real purpose, I am thankful for the freedom I have here. Same for the little break from work back in Singapore, as well as a taste of life out of my sunny island for awhile.

Self-consolation there.

I wanted to blog about other stuff, but judging from today's connection speed, it'll be almost impossible for me to do what I planned to do. Maybe tomorrow then.

It's a Friday night, a night I usually spend out in the streets of Singapore or in some coffee-joint of some sort, and here I am in an 'internet cafe' - how's that for an enjoyable weekend to come. I need something local, and no, I am not talking about the copy of 'The Straits Times' I have kept in my bag since my flight over here.

I can only wish for time to pass faster.

22 21 20 19 18 more chilly nights.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Unbelievable? No, just thankful.

Just when I thought I had to abandon my blog for a whole three weeks, I found out they have internet service here. Even if I had to pay a hundred baht an hour, I would, but thankfully no.

Weather's good, not too cold not too hot. Except for the wee hours in the morning when even stepping out to the toilet requires more than an emergency.

I will not bother giving a day-to-day account of everything, but basically everything here is good. Definitely coping well at least. Food and accomodation are fine too. Just one problem - boredom. I swear I will never want to sleep again when I get back. I know, some people just LOVE to sleep, but try that for the ENTIRE day. (I know there are still people who do not mind parking their asses in bed the entire day, but I am just not one of them.)

And oh, basically, I still have no idea what I am doing here exactly. I have nothing to do at all. But it's ok, I guess I could take some time to do some reading.

Anyways, I will be back here in the cafe again sometime soon. So off to other stuff now.

I miss home. Even if it's just the third day.

22, 21, 20 19 more days to sleep through!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The 'Nang It!' problem.

Nuffnang has recently launched a new blog-sharing function, Innit. Innit's basically a place for you to list your blogpost for others to read and 'nang it!' if they like it. It's really just like a popularity contest for blogposts.

Now now, don't get me wrong, I am quite optimistic about this new feature, and I have already written a post for that. But let's face it, there are some problems with such a feature, some that might require some attention before innit becomes one of those messy marketplaces with blogposts strewn all over the floor, leaving both good and bad ones to rot away in the blogosphere without the attention and praise they deserve.

You realise that hardly anyone sifts through a mountain-worth of trash in search of a gem. They just ignore the trash.

Innit is definitely a good way to drive extra traffic to blogs who get listed, but that itself is it's inherent flaw. It is like setting a noticeboard in public for people to post their own advertisments to sell/rent apartments, look for dogs, etc. And when left alone, people start to paste notices all over the place, overlapping previous notices. Similarly, without a guideline or a filter system on innit, blogposts are constantly added on, and sooner or later, you find yourself sieving through hundreds of meaningless blogposts hoping to drive a single reader or two to their own blogs. Not that my innit post was anything near a success-story, but I believe that posts on innit should at least hold some decent content.

Like how people like to blog with 'laxxxxx' and 'lozzzz' or 'hewoozzzzz', the blogs on innit are gettin a tad disturbing to my eyes and mind. Telling us how emo you got over the weekend does not help us in any way. Nor should it interest us.

One more thing, innit isn't a porn website. Stop selling sex. Moderators should stop bloggers who list their blogs on innit with titles like 'Sexy Pictures of Myself. Come view and Nang it!' or 'Hottest blah blah blah'. From my own experiece, people who try to fit themselves in the definition of 'hot' usually don't, and 'hot' is just one of those words that people term 'subjective' for a reason - usually in self-defence of their own taste.

Like in all groups and societies, there are bound to be a few who should not belong. I guess it's the same here in the blogosphere - people who simply hope to boost site traffic with sex. The blogosphere is still growing and there are already alot of debates over whether or not our children will benefit from it. The last thing I would like to hear from such blog-related discussions is that our children will benefit by learning about puberty at the age of 7.

Oh, did I mention that some shameless people actually have the audacity to ask others to 'Nang' their posts just so that they can score a few more points? It is understandable that 'Nang'-ing the post would give it a higher score and thus giving it a chance to be on the most-popular list, but that should be for people whose posts are well recieved by readers based on blog content, not on such requests.

Need I say more?

My friends, please, do something right. And as for innit, keep it going, but perhaps set a minimum standard for blogs to get listed. Let's not make innit users sift through hundreds of meaningless and five-liner posts that just happen to have slightly catchy titles. Till then, I guess I'll have to put innit on a lower-priority status.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging without photos = BORING?

Everywhere I go in the blogosphere, I cannot help but stop and look at the images bloggers post and share. And I always wondered why I cannot seem to post enough (or even any for that matter) photos on my blog.

Till I remembered that I do not even have a camera to start with.

Many people have asked me why I do not post photos on my blog. And all I can do is to shrug, not knowing how to reply - 'not having a camera' isn't exactly a decent explanation. Afterall, I could, in fact, borrow it from my sister.

Perhaps then, it is the process of editing, hosting and linking that seems too much of a hassle for an internet-nut like Adrian to handle. For all you know, he might simply end up deleting his Adobe Photoshop while trying to crop a photo into a decent size, or uninstalling Windows while trying to rasturize a bakcground layer. Admittedly, I have tried to self-learn photoshop-ing photos and as you can see from the lack of photos, I have failed - rather terribly in fact.

Blogging without photos is indeed a tough thing to do. Simply trying to grab attention with plain text is bad enough, and holding it, let's just not think about it. Hardly anyone would survive a page worth of text in a monotonous shade of grey, with the occasional blue to show a link, on a plain black background, with boring content like 'Are blogs without photos boring?'

Oh my, that sounded terribly familiar.

But then again, all is not lost. Especially so if I have one or two of you reading up till this point. (Please raise your hands or give yourself a pat on the back for not being bored to tears after reading up till this point.) I still firmly believe that no matter how plain or simple a blog looks, with the right contect, you can still get some form of readership - it simply depends on the different group of readers you want to target.

No, I am not targeting geeks or anything, mind you. In fact, I have no target, not even an audience to start with. Just a couple of kind-hearted souls who offer to waste spend some time over here reading some of the stuff I post.

Then again, I really must thank websites like Yahoo! Video and YouTube for all the video sharing that help make blogging alot alot easier. At least I'm feeling assured that my all-text blog has some form of action now and then.

So yes, blogging without photos may be really boring for some readers who want to literally see events happening. But hey, don't be too quick to condemn all blogs without photos - some do offer good stuff. (I'm not trying to hint at anything, but if you feel that certain way, please, make me happy and let me know!)

Okay, just for the fun of it, and for those who really need it. Here you go. What you might already have in mind for my blog.

Well, at least it's something?

I will get a camera okay?


It's simply heavenly. The soft inside, crispy skin, smooth texture, thinly coated icing. It's all that you can ask for from a doughnut. From a Krispy Kreme doughnut to be exact. Nothing else comes close.

How satisfying a breakfast. Just one.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bitter or sweet? Inside or outside?

It is always a search for something in life, a purpose that seemingly drives everyone forward. Is it reall the case, or is the search itself the driving force. Somehow or rather, I find myself stuck in the oh-so-familiar situation of being 'lost' and 'without a purpose/goal'. It's a process I have gone through countless times, only to find myself motivated to looking for something that drives me through, to another situation where I realise it's something else I want. It's not vicious, it's plain retarded.

Maybe love is. That's what they all say - to find someone you can spend your life with, feeling contented. And love feeds you, emotionally of course. It satisfies the hunger in you for something you might have been deprived of, or that might have been forcefully seized from you.

But how insulting and demeaning it would be to catagorize love as a purpose in life. It should be born of nothingless and supported throughout by that; not built upon the emotional greed, companionship and satisfaction we might crave, and in some cases, thrive on.

Love is not the foundation, it is the icing.

Stop acting deep by denenouncing the superficiality in savouring the icing when you do not truly appreciate things as they are on the inside. Don't claim to appreciate and love what you do not. You hardly even know what is on the inside - and you love that that you do not see or understand? If you have no eyes to see what is within, keep it to yourself.

Just lick the icing and enjoy its sweetness. Don't bring unwanted bitterness upon the people around you who are waiting to have a taste of it.


I collapsed in bed after getting home from dinner on Friday at Vil'age.

Woke up early on Saturday to meet Ben and Gabriel. Ben and I got some our blades before heading back to VJ to visit take a look at the Tea-party. The area outside LT5 in VJ's quite fun to blade around. Like a little rink to play around - slopes, steps, smooth ground.

I hate slopes, especially in under-passes and on overhead-bridges. I swear I'd rather fall to my death then to blade down one of those again.

Also, thanks to Ben for the wonderful dinner treat! Congrats once again for being one of the few selected films. Great job!

Here's your film Ben. This is just the start of your great career. You have all of our support! All the best!!

Music: Everything Aint't Everything - Stouxingers

Album : Everything Aint't Everything
Group :Stouxingers

Here's the other CD by Stouxingers I bought. I personally prefer the previous CD I put here, but this one isn't bad either. Nicer songs include the well-known 'Fever', as well as their rendition of the catchy 1956 hit single, 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love'. For those who prefer something slower, try 'Sometimes It Snows In April' for its dreamy feel. Want something different? Check out 'Du Bon Son', one of their better percussive songs.

Music: ... Nothing Is Real - Stouxingers

Album : ... Nothing Is Real
Group :

I chanced upon this German group while passing by Raffles City and decided to stop by to listen. I decided just after one song to buy both their CDs on sale, and here's one of them. I love the arrangements and the rather nice blending of layers. Reminds me of Rockapella sometimes, except that the female voices add alot more colour. Decent mix of songs ranging from the 70's (Yes We Can Can) to 90's (Waterfalls) to the real abstract (Humanizoo). Try it! Too bad that their CD isn't for sale. I got 2 autographed CDs though.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pacman and ChocoPots.

I could not get to sleep and so I decided to hang around Youtube. Found Pacman by accident, and thanks to Jovan for the Chocopots video. Now I'm really hungry.



Thursday, November 22, 2007

One more day.

One more day of rest, and for me to go pack. I ended up sleeping on the sofa yesterday after blogging. Really quite tired after blading and stuff.

Heading out for dinner today, hopefully I can think of something decent to eat. I still have no idea where we should go for dinner.

I'm starting to be a little bit more optimistic about the trip, and knowing that I just have to bear with three weeks really comforts me. Just that the thought of my currently-unpacked luggage haunts me every 5 mintues - a torture far worse than bladder incontinence. It should go off once I finally get down to packing. I doubt I am lacking any items, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Shall go wash my blades a little. The sand build-up is getting a little unsightly. And yes, I do hope the group can meet up this weekend.

Did I mention that Gabriel wants to name the group "b-gasm"?

It's like o-gasm with a stroke.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feels like a Sunday.

I just realised that today's a Wednesday. It really feels like a Sunday - and yes, with work tomorrow.

I'm starting to get scared of East Coast Park. Been there at least 3 days out of the last 7. Today was another blading day, with Ben and Gabriel. And when we drove past the Lagoon eating area after picking my dad up at the airport, the feeling came. Like, 4 times in 7 days.

Anyways, I'll be off in less than a week - Tuesday night. I can only wish I didn't have to be absent from fun for a full three weeks. At least it's lesser than the original one month.

Off to pack.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The day out.

Finally back after a whole day out.

I was never a fan of doughnuts. In fact, I used to wonder hard (still do, actually)why people bother to queue for hours for pieces of fried dough with an emptied centre. But when the queue's really short and you are free with nothing to do, why not. So the three of us decided to give it a shot and wait 10mins for 12 doughnuts from The Doughnut Factory at Raffles City's Marketplace. Alright, nice texture, but I still believe Krispy Kreme beats them flat. And yes, I will park my butt in one of their stores next year when I go over.

Went over to Funan for a little bit to get stuff, sat at The Coffee Connoisseur for quite awhile while Ben went for driving, and met again for dinner. Wandered around abit, headed to the roof terrace at Esplanade again, then to the library. MPH for abit after that, and back home.

What a boring day post. Blading tomorrow. That's something to look forward to.

I need to cut back on my spending.

Noisy people.

I thought I was going to have my little break. I was so darn wrong.

You see, my block's currently undergoing renovations, and some bugger decided to re-tile most of the floors in the corridors and the lift landings. This simply means that I had to wake up to the sound of pneumatic drills and incessant hammering at 9.30am this morning, distrupting my wonderful dream - and I do not like being woken up while I'm enjoying my dream.

Ridiculous. If I knew this would happen, I'd rather go to work then ask for a day off.

Off to lunch with Ben and Gabriel now. Back in the afternoon.

Wait. The drilling just stopped - after at least two hours and only when I am about to leave home. Really ridiculous. Someone must be trying to prank me.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kirby meets Snoop Dog

Well, for those who wonder what you get when you mix a old-school video-game cartoon character with a rapper, here's your long-awaited result. Now, I wonder if Snoop Dog's inspiration came from the game's song. What a match.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The maiden voyage - well, almost.

After a long 7/8 years, I finally put on another pair of blades. Yes, it's the pair I got recently, and it's the first time I officially used them. Unforgettable.

Let's just say I fell again. Okay, just once, but I swear it isn't fun. Well, it didn't seem to me like it would be anything serious (actually, I still think it's just a slight injury, but my hand seems to tell me otherwise), but problem is, I tore my pair of Mambo's I bought from Aussie. Fishcakes and cheese-pie.

And guess what, I lost my carrying strap too. Must have dropped it or left it where we were changing into blades. Anyhows, it shouldn't be worth alot, just a little troublesome to go get another all over again.

Here's what happened. Met Jovan for a rather light but satisfying lunch at Siglap at about 3, then we headed down to East Coast Park to start blading. Decided to do so because Ben was going to be a little late. Bladed for almost two hours, then Sue and Marcus came, so Jovan went home, and I bladed with them while they cycled. And Ben finally got to the east at about 6 plus, and we decided to meet at Aston's for dinner. Poor Ben had to wait in the queue for us. (Ha, that's for being late.)

Blading was really fun, although a little tiring. Had to get used to it all over again. The fall really didn't seem serious till evening came - my wrist went totally stiff and I can hardly move my wrist. Dinner at Astons was great, but it was quite funny having to eat with one hand. (Thanks to Sue for cutting the chicken up for me.) We then went over to Parkway after dinner to hang at Coffee Bean and played Munchkins, and I got home before 12.

That pretty sums it up. I think anyone would find it freaking hilarious watching me type this blogpost, or simply trying to use my mouse. I can't really type fast and my left hand's doing most of the typing. And oh, bathing, washing face, brushing teeth, pouring water - all with a left hand only - isn't fun at all.

I swear I took decades to type this short post. Maybe I do need a doctor afterall.


Situated somewhere along East Coast Road (near Katong Village/Katong Mall) is a little restaurant that serves great western food. Starting off as a simple stall in a coffee shop (the one just beside the current restaurant), Astons has grown from a one-unit eatery to a two-unit-plus-one-branch restaurant.

Reviews speak well of their steak and burgers, but due to my 'unfortunate accident', I decided to settle for chicken instead. They serve their chicken fillets in a few flavous, costing about $5.80 each, but you could do a double-up, ie. have two flavous, for just $9.90 and it comes with two side dishes. You could choose from all the potato stuff (mashed, baked, salad, fries), coleslaw, corn, pasta salad, etc. A rather decent variety to choose from, along with a rather wide range of prices. Yes, steak-lovers, they do serve Grade 9 Wagyu Ribeye, but at a rather hefty but reasonable price of $89.90 (250g).

The decor was quite decent, nothing shabby at all, and the place was rather clean. But they do seem over-staffed at times, with 3 or 4 waiters moving up and down the slightly squeezy area. At least the service was decent, and I liked the idea of having your order taken before you get your seat - no more waiting for hours for the food. The prices are definitely reasonable too, like my chicken that costs onlt $9.90. And good news, they do not impose any service charge, just the usual 7% GST.

Just a little precaution here. If you think of heading down to Astons for a meal, please go down early. The lunch-time and dinner-time crowds are a real killer. Be prepared to wait for your seats while standing on the pavement along Katong area.

Thinking of last night's dinner already makes me hungry. If you want to find out more, check out their website at "http://astonsspecialties.blogspot.com".

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A third into the white.

He tries once again, to step out of the cabin. Into the cold, into a world he shunned from. The first, he suffered frostbite. The second, a painful lesson that kept him home. Now, he sees different - light. And he is awed by the beauty of snow, the white and gentle, floating, fleeting. Winter's ending, along with it's beauty and harshness. And so he hurries back in, to fetch a glass bottle. Transparent, albeit fragile, to contain the beauty he sees. And he scoops up the white into a clear, gently removing any impurities. Then, back into the home, on the table by the fireplace.

It simply melted. Not that his chiller would help, except to bring artificiality to it's beauty and to the perception of it.

A sudden epiphany - yes. He learns of his selfishness. The existence of the beauty he witnessed lasts only because of its environment - beauty in its untouched state. Cold and harsh. His stupidity and selfishness only brought wetness.

Perhaps Spring would bring a differnce. A different land, a different environment.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Laughter - the best medicine?

If laughter really were the best medicine, this group of nurses totally nailed it.

Break at last.

I finally got my break after a really long week. Even if it's just a half-day, I'm satisfied. Wait, maybe relieved, because I certainly expect more than just a couple of hours off. Then again, what position am I in to comment on such issues.

I find myself sinking into a really uncomfortable mood once again. I feel like I'm floating somewhere between the boundaries of emotional comfort. I know I certainly am feeling uneasy over some issues, but I'm not sure if there is a solution that would bring satisfaction. Perhaps I'm only lying to myself of a possible solution to a problem that exists only because I persist. Maybe persistance is my only problem now.

My blog sentences are starting with alot of 'I's lately and it does sound rather irritating. It is as if I talk to myself about myself only - how pathetic.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Burnt out.

I need a break from work. It really feels as if the workload never depletes itself.

I hope we are still meeting on Saturday. Off to rest, too tired to really blog today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Frap a week. Maybe two?

It's been a long time ago, but I quite clearly remember how I got myself interested in coffee. I happened to hear someone order a Cappucino at some cafe, and having seen the foam and powder sprinkled on top, I knew I had to have a taste of it one day.

I'm not one of those who can have my coffee served black or without sugar. I still cannot appreciate the acidity of such coffee - a little too sour sometimes. Maybe I'm not one of those connoisseurs who can wax lyrical about the difference between Javanese, Brazilian or African beans. I belong more to the condemned bunch of 'new-generation coffee-lovers' who prefer their coffees served with extra flavours or chilled. Call me a 'Starbucks/Coffee Bean/Pacific Coffee Company/The Coffee Connoisseur Freak' or anything you want, but my preference for a Frappacino/Ice Blended/Chillino/Frappé/anything cold never dies.

I decided to drop by at Starbucks before heading off for dinner with my family and aunt after work at Waraku restaurant. Ordered my all-time Java Chip Frap, sat down with a Tiramisu, and happily started on my book. I swear I could have sat there the whole day, reading my book, sipping my Frap, enjoying my Tiramisu, all in the comfort of the comfy arm-chair while watching the world outside move by. No doubt $12 is indeed quite a hefty sum to pay for a coffee and a dessert, but I guess it is still quite reasonable to indulge once in awhile? (Okay, I admit, more than that for me.)

I want to sit down and watch the world go by, with my Frap in my hand, with the music playing gently, and with my mind at ease, free. (Maybe tea would do fine too?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Everything - Not so Bubbly.

I try not to comment on people's singing. Sometimes, I make comments rather irresistibly, as like how some can irresistibly keep their notes off the melody.

"And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, you make me sing sick.
You're Your every line, you're your every word, you're your everything."

So anyways, here's the real Michael Bublé, with a cover version of Maroon 5's 'This Love'

"I don't know any of the words to this damn song, so I'll probably them mostly wrong... bahbabababaaa" Totally hilarious.

No time to lose.

Everytime I think about how much time I have left here, I can't help but start to worry. Worry because of the lack of time left. Worry because I do not know what to expect next. Worry because I might be really selfish in what I'm doing.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Movie: Stardust

I must admit that I'm not a great fan of fantasy films. Cut the witches and unicorns thing, spare me the Peter-Pan fight scenes that hardly gives me any andrenaline - it bores me.

But wait, Stardust isn't one of those let's-walk-out-before-the-witch-turns-him-into-a-frog show. It's captivating. It really is, even if the plot was nothing to boast of. Wait, there is. The show's absolutely great, even the plot, one of a quest for love, of something so special, and an added bonus to that.

The story tells of a ficitonal land of Stormhold - which lies beyond a wall of the village of Wall (Okay, maybe they could use a better name), and Tristan's (Charlie Cox) quest through the land to find a fallan star to win the heart of Victoria (Sienna Miller). It is there that he learns that the fallen star has turned into a beautiful girl by the name of Yvaine (Claire Danes), and soon realises that he isn't the only one in search for the star. And through a short time with Pirate Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro), Tristan 'grows into a man' and finally finds his true love.

The opening immediately brought M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Village' to mind, but quickly moves into a mystical world and tells of Tristan's story. The plot development was good, quite an adequate explanation on the story without leaving too many points to ponder on. Robert De Niro never fails to entertain with his hidden secrets.

Great trip into the world of fantasy, and definitely worth the watch.

Action Against AIDS, by whimsicaljmin.

Check this out.

To find out more about his films, check out his profile. Find me in one of his films as an extra too!

Blades for the boy.

And yes, finally I got my pair of blades. Jovan's brother sent us down yesterday to the shop to get the blades, and thanks to my aunt, I got myself a decent discount. So yes, anyone who wishes to get skateboards/blades/shoes can ask me.

I'm itching to go test them out.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I've been away for the past few days. Hope that expains why there hasn't been any new posts since Tuesday.

Anyways, the gang (Ben/Sue/Gab/Marcus/Me) - we ought to get a name soon my dear friends, the website needs a name) headed to the jetty along East Coast Park for night fishing. Stocked up on drinks and snacks after dinner and headed off to cast our lines. Not bad for a first fishing trip - 25 fishes. Decided to give them away because we didn't think we'd like to have them for our BBQ the next day. Supper at Simpang after fishing, and headed back to Sue's place for some soccer before sleeping.

Thursday was mainly preperations for the BBQ in the evening. The BBQ was okay, did not over-cater for food, and yes Ben, the rice was okay. We cleared up rather early, but decided to head back to the porch area for drinks. Played games and drank till everyone got red.

Yesterday was rest day. Had some last minute business to finish at work before going down to Cathay to catch Stardust. Went for a drink at Starbucks after the movie and stayed out to play card games till about 3 before heading home.

And yes, so here I am today, recovering from my lack of sleep.

I shall be back later.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I do not wish to die. Seriously.

My friend just showed me a video. Go watch it if you dare.

And yes, please do not watch it right before/after meals or drink while watching. Trust me on that.

All I can say is, 'please be gentle'. Now I really don't wish to die.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Lunch after a hang-over.

Drinking and not sleeping isn't exactly an advisable combination. Not quite a hang-over (come on, I wasn't exactly drunk), just a really lousy feeling - you know like you wake up as if you didn't sleep and you feel as if the time dimension seems really distorted.

All those aside, I managed to recover by the time I crossed the causeway. Headed out for lunch with the entire family to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. The food was really good - definitely above expectations of a small restaurant in Johor. The seafood was really fresh - you know that when Adrian decides to put an oyster with a shell the size of his palm down his throat when he usually squirms at the mere smell (read: stench) of it. The presentation was great, although I highly doubt the older generation really appreciate the large proportion of empty space on the plate, or when you mix a cheesey sauce with bean sprouts, or that you have banana, water chestnust and other stuff mixed with seafood.

Once again, I shall lament the fact that I still do not have a camera. At least I am on my way to getting my skates.

Shucks, I realised that my blog's been rather diary-ish lately. Not that it's anything bad.

Soccer night.

Just got back from watching soccer. If only I wasn't too lazy to walk downstairs to place some bets. 100% for tonight's predictions.

Watched two games at CHIJMES. Luckily they booked a table. Came at quite a price though. Total of three cocktails tonight - Sex on the beach, Mango daiquiri and a Toblerone. I think this is one of the nights I really drink quite abit.

Heading off to Malaysia tomorrow for a lunch, then back for dinner with the gang again. Off to rest now.

Goodnight world, hello hangover.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Movie: Game Plan

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays Joe Kingman, a quarterback for the 'Boston Rebels' in a top football league, along with Madison Pettis as Peyton James, a daughter he never knew he had, in this 2-hour comedy.

Joe, who happens to be at his prime in his sport and lives in a lavishly furnished apartment (and a really sleek SLK to add to that), finds himself in shock when a 8 year-old girl turns up at his doorstep, proclaiming to be his daughter. His new found daughter becomes one of the greatest challenges in his life, as he struggles to learn to be a loving father. The alpha-male soon finds himself accompanying his daughter to ballet class, becoming eye-candy for all other mothers present, and he eventually learns to be unselfish, all thanks to his daughter and her ballet teacher Roselyn Sanchez (Monique Vasquez).

One of those movies that remind you of shows like "The Pacifier" or "Daddy Day Care", "Game Plan" does at least dish out some substance. Not that the plot was anything spectacular, but at did seem to hold the audiences' attention, albeit being a little long-winded. Funny scenes of the daughter messing up the home seem rather cliche, but the great acting by Madison Pettis (with her oh-so-innocent-looking eyes) never fail to bring laughter to all. Dwayne's acting was also remarkable, and rather suited for the role I must say. His ability to bring out both the chauvinistic and fatherly sides of Joe really stood out in this film, and his acting is definitely better than in previous movies like "The Scorpion King". Perhaps it is also his face, or more specifically, those eyebrows.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A trail I left.

Everytime I look back, I see a trail. One of myself, one that I unknowingly left behind. But I seem perfectly fine, nothing of me lost to the trail behind. Where then does it come from?

I feel something funny, something lost, a part of me in fact. And when I look deeper within, I see a void. Not that anything fell out. But the very self I had lost left a gaping hole for an emptiness to fill.

As I peer into the distance ahead, I wonder if trudging forward would culminate in my dissolution from within, ending up as nothing more than a mere face walking the land, with only a skin-deep existance. One so fragile. So fragile.

As I step forward again, I glance backwards, hoping to see an end to a trail.