Monday, October 4, 2010


Timetable's out and it seems like I have a good timetable. I could of course go on about how my IDEAL timetable is going to be like but heck, we never get ideal. Better to plan to make the best out of what I have.

8: Taxation
11: Corporate Finance
22: Audit
24: EPM

So, a good 10 days in between to catch up on 2 rather wordy, but bullshit-able subjects. Of course, not to be taken lightly. And yeah, a good 5 weeks to deal with my 2 heavier/ more important subjects. Looking good, I must say.

So, 4 weeks of lesson + 1 week of self-study. As long as I keep focused, things should work out just fine. So far it seems like my mid-sems are still on track (not sure about the EPM assignment, but heck) and I don't think I'm lagging too far behind for content, save for audit (result of not attending lectures).

Okay, planning now, and execution starts tomorrow!